Not just to live, but to love

Code : A000171

Project : Food & Nutrition (Including 100 day food program)

Volunteers : Peluru Jagadeesh

Need : Two poor and needy families.

LAASA’s Assistance : provided food provisions under 100 day food project.

Beneficiaries : Mungi Asiranna, Kameswaramma, Bommali Narayanamma,

Bommali Lachhanna.

Location : Arasavilli village, Srikakulam Dist.

You may see a thousand good things or listen to a thousand good words or read a thousand good books-but, unless you put at least one teaching into practice, the blemishes in the mirror of your heart will not be wiped off, and the Lord cannot be reflected therein. You may talk in a big high-sounding style, but you are judged, not by your tongue, but by your activity and attitude. People indulge in high-sounding talk about spiritual matters. But without application in practice, such talk has no meaning. The Lord will not be moved by strict scholarly commentary. He is pleased only by actual practice; by genuine endeavor; by honest sincere effort; by the tireless striving to cleanse the mind. All religions have emphasized the doctrine of action. The entire cosmos is governed by action. In such a context, there is no purpose in indulging in intellectual speculation without putting knowledge into practice. The practical knowledge of giving one’s elf in the service of needy is a heavenly experience. A single selfless service deed is equal and more than hundreds and more discourses we speak to and listen to.

We the LAASA emphasize to put the good thing in practice. Our young volunteer Peluru Jagadeesh has identified two deserving needy old families and served the 4 members of concerned families. These old people are struggling hard and dragging their lives in a miserable way even for a cup of rice.

Mungi Asiranna (68)


Bommali Narayanamma(60)

Bommali Lachhanna(65)

LAASA provided food provisions under 100 day food project to above 4 members of 2 families at Arasavilli village, Srikakulam Dist.

Our life is purely practical. Let us practice the good things that we are aware. Life is a single chance. Let us utilize this unique opportunity not just to live, but to love.