Blossoming hearts

Activity code : A000178

Project : Food and Nutrition (Including 100 day food program)

Volunteers : D.Santosh Kumar Nehru

Need : A poor lung cancer patient

LAASA’s assistance : Provided food provision under 100 day food project

Beneficiaries : S.Sakunthala(40) and her son

Location : Gokarnapuram village, Kanchili post, Jalantra mandal, Srikakulam Dist.

Actually transformation of man is transformation of mind. Mind alone is the cause of bondage or release of men. When the mind reaches out, it gets saturated with desires, ideas, and worldly concerns. But when it is withdrawn in the inward path, all these are subdues and facilitate the experience of peace and joy that is what is meant by transformation of the mind. Then alone is transformation of men possible. Man today has to transform at three levels: spiritual, association and individual. When spiritual transformation takes place, there is an automatic change in the other two. For spiritual transformation, the qualities that are needed are kindness, love, forbearance and compassion. People today have forgotten these sublime qualities because they have lost the fear of sin, ceased to love God and do not observe social ethics.

We the LAASA highly value the human values and try to raise every soul and spread the message of love and service. If we adapt human values to our life, the mind blossoms and the transformation occur. With these valuable human values and with the touch of transformation our volunteer Mr.B.Santosh Nehru identified a very needy and poor lung cancer patient S.Sakuntala(40) at Gokharnapuram village, Kanchili village, Srikakulam Dist. Her poverty did not allow her to take proper food and medicine. This is miserable and so pathetic. LAASA provided basic food provisions and medical assistance but what we could do as a human effort with humanity?

All hearts beat till they die, but a few hearts blossom and transform and spread the fragrance of love and service. LAASA is a centre for such transformation in the beautiful garden of blossoming hearts.