Sanctified noble deed

Activity code : A000182

Project : Medical Assistance (Medicines &Hospitalization Aid)

Volunteers : Surampalli Brahmaji

Need : 2 months old baby suffering from loss of platelets.

LAASA’s assistance : Provided Medical Assistance

Beneficiaries : Chy.Amrutha

Location : Visakhapatnam

Man is free but still he has to depend on others. It is an age of unity and co-operation. One cannot live without the help of others. Therefore, all men must work together. If they do not, every member of the society will become weak and poor. So, unity gives strength to every member of the society.

A society, too, cannot do without unity. Man is a social animal. He helps others, and others help him in turn. He has to depend upon his friends and neighbors. If they are united, the society will be strong. Even birds and animals show a wonderful sense of unity. Ants are very small. But when they unite, they form a strong army. You cannot break a bundle of sticks. But how easily you break them one by one!

Today we are firmly united. We differ from one another in many ways. We are ready to fight as a nation. But this unity is not enough. We have to work hard together in peace time as well. The concept of love is the only thing that keeps the people on a united platform. Human service is an instrument to set right all social illusions. Sharing of love and caring the needy really unifies the humanity.

With this touch of love and service LAASA provided medical assistance to baby Amrutha, a 2 months old child. She was suffering from a unknown disease and not able to take and digest even mother’s milk. The doctor prescribed milk powder costs thousands of rupees where the economically backward parents could not able to meet the cost of this milk product. LAASA as a loving mother fed to a possible extent. We the LAASA measure needy things not by cost but by pain. Mr.Surampalli Brahmaji, our volunteer has taken part in this sanctified noble deed at Visakhapatnam.