Seek The Light – Know the Truth

Code : A000199
Project: Basic Needs Assistance
Volunteer: MuddadaBalaraju
Need: Require basic needs aid
LAASA’s Solution: Provide the Basic needs like water containers and other household vessels
Beneficiaries:5 fire accident victim families
Location: Simmapeta Village, Srikakulam Dist.

“The life principle (Jeevathathwa) is like the grain covered in the husk of delusion (Maya), as that rice is enveloped in the paddy. The husk (Maya) has to be removed. The grain (Jeevathathwa) has to be boiled and made soft and assimilated so that it might add to health and strength. The softened rice can be compared to the Supreme Soul (Paramathma). The mind should be employed in this process. It has to be fixed in the Truth (Sathya) and the Ever-lasting (Nithya). To remove the husk, Discrimination (Viveka) is an effective instrument. Develop the power of discrimination and find out, which is beneficial, and which is not.”

– Sri Satya Sai

LAASA has the Volunteers who have the power of discrimination to find out which is beneficial and which is not. They seek the light by serving the needy. Our volunteer MuddadaBalaraju has identified 5 families who lost almost everything in a fiercely fire accident in Simmapeta Village, Srikakulam Dist. LAASA has provided the basic needs assistance to these victims by providing them blankets, water containers and other household items with the help of Mr. Balaraju. LAASA appreciates his effort.

LAASA believes in “Seek the light always – be full of confidence and zest. Never yield to despair, for it has never produced any results” and the only way not to fall in to the despair pit is to serve the needful.As always, LAASA is to serve with infinite Selfless Love.