Three dimensions to recognize Divinity—Time, Space and Mind

Project:Medical Assistance
Volunteer:BaratamLaxmana Rao
Need:A poor patient
LAASA’s Solution:Provided necessary medicines and hospitalization aid
Location:APHB Colony, Srikakulam

“Become God to each other. Do not look for God somewhere in the sky, but see God in every pair of eyes, in the mountains, in water, in trees and in animals. How? Only when you see God in yourself will this happen. Only God can worship God.To recognize Divinity, there are three dimensions—time, space and mind.For seekers, it is necessary to honor time and space so they can experience sacredness in their minds. When you honor time and space, your mind becomes alert. But for the one who has transcended the mind, either sacredness has no meaning or all times, every place and every mood is sacred.”

– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Our LAASA Volunteer Mr. BaratamLaxmana Rao has recognized that God’s omnipresent and exists in every being, thereby, identified a poor patient Devaraju by name from APHB colony, Srikakulam – who is suffering from multi organ malfunction disorder and unable to pay his hospitalization and other bills. LAASA has provided necessary financial and moral support to him by providing the necessary medicines and paying the hospital bills for him.

It’s not just providing the necessary financial support but LAASA has given the additional moral support to Mr. Devaraju saying that we’ll always be there for him in his sorrows and bliss. As always, LAASA is to serve with infinite Selfless Love.