Activity code A000219

Project medical assistance project

Volunteer B.Nageswararao

Need facing diffculity to purchase medicines and to have treatment

Beneficiaries k.suryanarayana (a deserving patient)

Lassa’s support medical assistance

Location srikurmam, Srikakulam.

We are all experienced in many fields of activity, equipped with many skills and capabilities. We are animated by genuine enthusiasm to help others. we are encouraged by the example of other clubs to take up many schemes which will benefit the community. These are great assets. Heart has to meet heart, so that service may succeed. Speak soft and sweet; be soft and sweet. Speak with sympathy and with no pretence, no artificiality. Keep away from impure listening, impure acts, impure words, impure thoughts—everything that contaminates the will to serve and the skill to serve.

With a will to help our Mr. B.NAGESWARA RAO & team extend laasa’s medical assistance to k. suryanarayana who was struggling hard for purchase of medicine and for his post hip surgery treatment at srikurmam Srikakulam.

Knowing is not just important doing is very important we may know manythings but doing a little help really colour our heart with joy and happiness. Laasa wishes that such joy and happiness are to be experienced by all it’s volunteers.