Spiritual blossings

Activity code A000222

Project medical assistance to sickle anemia patient

Volunteer k.venugopalarao

Need transmission of blood

Beneficiaries kaushik (poor 9 year boy) sickle anemia patient

Laasa’s support provided medical assistance

Location srikakulam, ap.

The human being is encompassed by attach­ment to worldly desires, which produce delu­sions of various kinds . To attain liberation one has to rid oneself of these desires. The mind is the cause of both bondage and liberation. It is only by controlling the mind that a person can achieve liberation. The mind needs some ood energy to discrimination which provided the power of control. The energy can be provided by good self less deeds. Which certainy uplift our sole to reach the martued status of human excellency.

To victions this human excellency our volunteer mr. k.venugopala extend of support of laasa in form of medical assistance 9year old boy kaushik who is fighting against sickle anemia disease (blood related disease) support of laasa enables his poor father to attend the need of transmission of blood which is must for every three months.

The mission of laasa is physically just a service hiddenly there is a lot of spiritual blossings which benefits the volunteers and beneficiaries.