Activity code A000225

Project food &nutrition (100 day food programme)

Volunteers R. Ramanamurthy & team

Need as no one was there to this women who were needy even for food

Beneficiaries N.ammanna,U.chinnamma(physically challenged),B.rajamma(visually challenged),B.asirappa(poor old women).

Laasa’s support provided food provisions

Location sanivada, srikakulam.

Always try to help those who are in distress, those who are suffering to the society poor.Avail yourself of every possible occasion to render service to the society. It need not be lim­ited to individuals. It is important to do national service.You need not seek to know what kinds of service should be done. Attend yourself to the service to reduce your own pain by observing the painful persons. If we shower the rain of love certainly you will gain the joy with these values

With these values our volunteers mr r. ramanamurthy & team has extend the support of laasa to most deserving poor old women N.ammanna( poor old women), u. chinnamma(physically chanllenged), B. rajamma (visually challenged ), B. asirappa (poor old women). At sanivada village srikakulam. Even In this 21st era even getting a handfull food is hard task to the needy people.

Laasa provided food provisions under 100 day food project all the people of the world are divided by various reasons but truth is the blood of all of us is red. The love which we hold will spread.