Know Yourselves: Who am I?


Project:Educational Assistance


Need:A poor and bright student studying B.Tech

LAASA’s Solution:Provided hostel fee

Beneficiaries:Kumar Rowlo

Location:Surampalem, East Godavari Dist., AP.

When you grasp the significance of the word “service” you will find that it is not so much the service of others but service for yourself. Once you feel the distinction that the other person is foreign, then service becomes patronage. It loses its savour. It fosters the evil of egoism. The per­son served also feels hurt. The person is aware that he or she is inferior. Such service is quite against the sadhana (spiritual discipline) called seva (selfless service). You are doing seva (selfless service) for your own sake.

With a thought of selfless service, our volunteer KuppiliJaganMohanRao has identified a bright B.Tech student Kumar Rowlo s/o KrishnaChandraRowlo who was a priest at a small temple and was unable to pay college fee due to their poverty. LAASA provided educational assistance to Kumar at Surampalem, East Godavari Dist., AP.

You are engaged in seva in order that you may become aware of theAtmain you, in or­der that you may discard the allurements of your ego, in order to know yourself and to get the an­swer to the question that torments you, namely, “Who am I?” You do not serve others. You serve yourselves. You do not serve the world. You serve your own best interest.