Unity among the humanity


Project:Basic Needs Assistance

Volunteer:Kalivarapu Prasad and team

Need:Need of gas stove and cylinder at Navajeevan Trust

LAASA’s Solution:Provided basic needs assistance

Beneficiaries:30 dumb and deaf children at Navajeevan Trust

Location:Pathapatnam, Srikakulam Dist., AP.

The human being is born to render selfless service and not to indulge in selfishness. Selfless service alone can achieve unity of humankind. Only through unity can humanity attain Divinity. Hence service is very essential to understand this unity in humanity. People are under the impres­sion that service means merely to help the poor, the weak and forlorn. It is a big mistake to think that you are rendering service to others. Infact you are serving yourself because the same prin­ciple of the Atma, the same Principle of Love, is present in all. All human beings are essentially one. The differences lie only in their feelings. So, a person should change his or her feelings and try to recognise the truth that the same Divinity is immanent in all. Only then can there be trans­formation in the human being.

Our volunteer members Kalivarapu Prasad and M.DilliswaraRao has identified needs of Navajeeven Trust at Pathapatnam, Srikakulam Dist., AP. This trust is taking care of 30 dumb and deaf children and is in need of stove and gas stove. LAASA provided this basic needs to the Trust through our volunteer team.

We the LAASA with selfless love, serving the needy which was a bliss to the one who serves and who receives. Thus, showing the unity among the humanity.