Unity is strength


Project:Educational Assistance

Volunteer:Jami Aswini

Need:A poor and deserving student

LAASA’s Solution:Provided educational assistance

Beneficiaries:DVS Srinivas


What a single individual cannot accomplish, a well-knit group or society can achieve. A man walking alone will feel tired and miserable at the end of five miles; but, walking with ten others as a group he would find the five miles a jaunt. He arrives refreshed and strong. Social living contributes increased happiness and more efficient effort among birds and beasts. Even ants have learned, that immense benefits are derivable from group activity and social organization. Monkeys also live in groups for greater security and happier lives.

Our volunteer Jami Aswini as a responsible person in the society has shared the story of a needy student DVS Srinivas who was studying B.Sc. in a private College with LAASA Foundation. Father of Srinivas is a typist and his earnings are just sufficient for their livelihood. So, he was not able to manage to pay Srinivas’s college fee. LAASA provided educational assistance to this deserving student in Srikakulam.

Men are able to defend themselves from enemies, secure food and shelter, migrate to places beyond great distances when they act as a group which is the main objective of LAASA foundation.