Seva-Cooperation among people in society


Project:Medical Assistance (Medicines & Hospitilization Aid)

Volunteer:Silla Jayaram Gupta

Need:Needy and deserving paralysis patient

LAASA’s Solution:Provided medical assistance

Beneficiaries:Silla KurmaRao


Society is the coming together of people. Cooperation among people in a society, motivated by spontaneity and by pure intentions, is the hallmark of seva (selfless service). Seva can be identified by means of two basic characteristics’ Compassion and willingness to sacrifice.History informs us that in all countries and in every age, man is a social animal. Man is born in society, he grows in and through society and his life ends in society itself.

With his willingness to serve the society, our volunteer Silla JayaramGupta has identified a needy patient Silla KurmaRao at Srikakulam. KurmaRao is the bread winner of his family. He was hospitalized with partial paralysis. He was a very hard service volunteer of Sri Satya Sai Seva Samiti. LAASA provided medical assistance to this deserving patient.

So, man can give back to the society in the form of service. We the LAASA was an opportunity for people to serve the society with such a compassion and willingness.