Seva – best path which promotes unity of mankind

Project:Medical Assistance
Volunteer:B.RajeswaraRao and D.SantoshKumar
Need:2 poor and needy patients
LAASA’s Solution:Provided medical assistance
Beneficiaries:M.Rathnamani and Sarojinamma
Location:Srikakulam, AP.

Convince yourselves that life cannot continue long without others serving you and you serving others. Master-servant, ruler-ruled, guru-disci­ple, employer-employee, parents-children, all these are bound by mutual service. Everyone is a sevak (servant). The farmer and labourer whom you serve produce by their toil your food and clothing as their service to you. Remember that the body, with its senses-mind-brain complex has been awarded to you to be used for helping the helpless (Paropakararthaṃ idaṃ shariraṃ). Seva (selfless service) is the highest of path of devo­tion which wins the grace of God. It promotes mental purity, diminishes egoism and enables one to experience, through sympathetic under­standing, the unity of humankind.

Our volunteers B.Rajeswara Rao and D.Santosh Kumar with a zeal to serve the fellow humans who are in need, had identified two needy patients.1.Mallipuram Rathnamani aged 12 has tumors under eyes and so has improper vision. Her father is a wood cutter and is not able to provide medical assistance for his daughter due to their poverty. LAASA provided medical assistance to this needy child at Pathuru Village, Saravakota Mandalam, Srikakulam Dist., AP. 2.Sarojinamma (age-75) living at Chinnabaratam Street, Srikakulam is suffering from a chronic gynecological problem and was identified as uterus cancer. She was not able to go to Cancer Hospital at Visakhapatnam for treatment due to her poverty. LAASA provided medical assistance to this needy woman.

Service is basically activity arising out of the yearning to win the grace of God.