Get rid of the six enemies by selfless service

Project:Food & Nutrition (Including 100 day food programme)
Volunteer:O.Durga Prasad
Need:Poor and deserving woman
LAASA’s Solution:Provided food under 100 day food program
Location:Patarlapalli Village, RanasthalamMandalam, Srikakulam Dist., AP.

You have to encounter various contrary gusts of passion, emotion, impulse and intellectual doubt. Nevertheless, bear them bravely and over­come them through prayer and meditation. The Lord, too, will provide many tests to ensure that your faith is firm, that your spirit of seva(selfless service) is full and universal. The weaker prac­titioners of this sevasadhana(service-centred spiritual discipline) will soon be shaken by these tests and stray away from the right path. The six enemies—lust, anger, greed, delusion, pride and hatred—that lie in wait to foil their sadhana(spiritual discipline), overpower the inner urge and make them slaves of the merely physical and material.Seva is one of the best practices, one should implement in order to get rid of these six enemies.

Practicing this seva, our volunteer O.Durga Prasad had identified a poor woman KanchipetaJayamma at Patarlapalli Village, RanasthalamMandalam, Srikakulam Dist., AP. She lost her husband and she had a daughter who takes care of her. Recently, her daughter was died. She is alone and was even not able to earn bread. LAASA provided food under 100 day food program to this needy and deserving woman.