Attain liberation from desires

Project:Medical Assistance
Volunteer:Yamini Krishna Priyanka
Need:Poor and deserving patient
LAASA’s Solution:Provided medical assistance
Beneficiaries:Naga Babu
To escape from the clutches of desire, which gives birth to the brood of anger, hatred, malice, greed, envy, faction and falsehood, one has to cleanse one’s consciousness by prayer and sat-karma (good activity, selfless, desireless activity). Sevā (selfless service) is the best sādhanā (spiri­tual discipline) for eliminating the nefarious pull of the mind towards desires.

Being aware this truth, our volunteer Yamini Krishna Priyanka as her practice of seva, had identified a needy patient Naga Babu at Ongole. He had surgery to his left hand. He was so poor that he needs help for his post medical assistance. LAASA provided medical assistance to this poor and deserving patient.

One can even attain liberation from worldly desires by practicing selfless service.