Code : A000309
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Konapala Geetha
Need : Students of Primary High School
LAASA’s Solution : Provided educational Assistance
Beneficiaries : 22 economically Backward children
Location : Mandala Veedhi, Srikakulam
The foremost duty of the human being is to do good deeds with a pure heart. There should be no egoistic feeling, “I have done these good deeds”. It is not right to entertain the slightest de¬sire for enjoying the fruits of these actions. Ego¬ism and desire are the cause of bondage to karma. Desire is the barrier between the pure mind and devotion to the Self. To regard the performance of right action as one’s duty and to eschew ego¬ism in one’s conduct and desire in one’s motives is real sacrifice.
By attaining the liberty from desires, our volunteer Konapala Geetha had identified 22 economically backward children in Primary High School in which few of them are even orphans. These children are in need of notebooks. We the LAASA had provided educational assistance to these needy students at Mandala Veedhi, Srikakulam.