Code : A000308
Project : Food and Nutrition (Including 100 day food program)
Volunteer : V.Srinivas Rao
Need : A fire accident victim family
LAASA’s Solution : Provided food under 100 day food program
Beneficiaries : Srinu and family
Location : Chittaranjan Street, Srikakulam.
If the doctor is full of love and compassion, God works through him or her. The doctor is no longer the human but is Narayana (God) who manipulates the fingers and dispenses through that person. Similarly, for a volunteer whose heart is filled with love and compassion and does the service, its God who is serving the needy through the volunteer. Have a heart filled with love and compassion and a desire to serve. This is all needed. All the remaining tasks of the service will be done by the God through us.
With such a whole heartedness, our volunteer V.Srinivas Rao had identified Srinu’s family at Chittaranjan Street, Srikakulam. Srinu is a daily basis painter. His house caught with a fire accident and he lost all his belongings. His family don’t even have home to live. LAASA provided food under 100 day food program to this needy and deserving family.