Code : A000314
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Vemula Suresh Kumar
Need : A poor student who is pursuing his graduation in need for books and clothes
Beneficiaries : Sk. Allavali
Location : Md. Nagar Village, Chandragundu, Khammam

“Duty, responsibility and obligations are often evaded in the name of freedom. What is this so-called freedom? People say freedom means one can do what one likes, in an unfettered manner. But seldom do people who talk like this realize that they are not really free but a slave to their senses and Mind. Who is the one who is really free? It’s the one who is rid of attachments and the dictates of the body, the senses and the Mind is the one who is really free.”
– Anonymous
As mentioned earlier in the context, it’s the duty of every person to pass the wisdom to the next generations. This wisdom can be passed in many ways – either by direct or indirect manner. One such wise act is that our beloved LAASA volunteer Vemula Suresh Kumar who has identified a needy person Sk. Allavali S/O Lt. Imam Saheb & Galib Bee – His mother is taking care of all the family including the education of her son. They are from Md. Nagar Village, Chandrugunda Mandal, Khammam Dt., Telangana. Mr. Ali is studying 3rd B.Sc and he’s in a dire need of financial assistance for books and clothes .His father has expired and his mother is daily labor. He also works in the fields for money to meet his educational needs. He is only the person in the village pursuing higher studies.
They say that Knowledge is power and Freedom is every man’s right. But the current society is shackled by many attachments. Only knowledge can unlock/free us. So, learn and let learn. As always LAASA is to Love all and Serve All to infinity and beyond.