Even impossible becomes possible with a group

Code : A000327
Project : Livelihood Assistance Project
Volunteer : Devarasetti Sateesh
Need : Poor and needy family
LAASA’s Solution : Provided livelihood assistance
Beneficiaries : D.Sambamurthy and his family
Location : Telikula Street, Pathapatnam, Srikakulam Dist.
What a single individual cannot accomplish, a well-knit group or society can achieve. A person walking alone will feel tired and miserable at the end of five miles but walking with ten others as a group he or she will find the five miles a jaunt. That person arrives refreshed and strong. Nothing is impossible to achieve if an organized society is set on achieving it. Even liberation from material entanglement (moksha) can be won through serving and promoting the progress of society. Through the sense of unity, the willing¬ness to sacrifice and the softness of compassion all objects can be gained.
In the same way, our volunteer Devarasetti Sateesh, as a part of our organization, had identified a poor and needy family of D.Sambamurthy at Telikula Street, Pathapatnam, Srikakulam Dist. This family is miserably poor and is living in a pathetic condition. We the LAASA has provided livelihood assistance to this needy and deserving family.