Code : A000350
Project : Medical Assistance (Medicines & Hospitalization Aid)
Volunteer : J.Bharat Charan
Need : Needy and deserving patient
LAASA’s Solution : Provided medical assistance
Beneficiaries : Baratam Krishnaveni
Location : Srikakulam
The human body is like a chariot and the Atma is the charioteer. The bodies may have dif¬ferent forms and names. But the Atma is one and the same. It is essential to recognize the unity that underlies the apparent diversity. For instance, hunger is common to all, though the kind of food through which it is appeased may vary from an emperor to a beggar. Likewise, joy and grief, birth and death are common to all. The Atma is com¬mon to everyone. Recognizing this oneness, you should engage yourselves in service to all. Unfor¬tunately, there is no feeling of unity today in the world. All the problems bedeviling humankind are due to the absence of unity.
Attaining this oneness, our volunteer J.Bharat Charan has identified a needy teacher Baratam Krishnaveni at Srikakulam. She has two daughters who are studying post metric level. She is suffering with gynecological problem. She is living at her parents’ house due to some family problems. Due to their poverty they are not able to pay for her treatment. We the LAASA has provided medical assistance to this poor and deserving patient.