Code : A000370
Project : Food and Nutrition (Including 100 day food programme)
Volunteer : Landa Appayya
Need : Poor and deserving family
LAASA’s Solution : Provided food under 100 day food programme
Beneficiaries : Konnada Sankar and his family
Location : Kesavaraopalem Village, Laveru Mandal, Srikakulam, Dist.
Only selfless service can encourage a person to reach the higher state of humanity. Selfless service alone gives the needed strength and courage to awaken the sleeping humanity in one’s heart. All service should be regarded as an offering to God, and every opportunity to serve should be welcomed as a gift from God. When service is done in this spirit, it will lead to self- realization. The ideal of service can remove the ego; it promotes love and affection; it takes one away from worldly attachments and puts one on the path of the Divine. It can give widespread pleasure and happiness for all mankind. In fact, service is the first step along the spiritual path, for “service to man is service to God.”
As an offering to God, our volunteer Landa Appayya does the service which included serving a poor and deserving family of Konnada Sankar at Kesavaraopalem, Laveru Mandal, Srikakulam Dist. He is a HIV patient. He lost his wife and his father. He is living with his mother and his two children. His mother is working as a daily wage labor. Her income is not sufficient to earn daily bread for the whole family. We the LAASA has provided food under 100 day food program to this needy and deserving family.