Code : A000377
Project : Medical Assistance (Medicines & Hospitilization Aid)
Volunteer : Geddam Anandarao
Need : Poor and deserving needy patient
LAASA’s Solution : Provided medical assistance
Beneficiaries : Gorle Phalgunarao
Location : Matala Village, Kotturu Mandal, Srikakulam Dist.
Service means giving of oneself without expecting anything in return. In our present society, we’ve been conditioned to think that the more we gain for ourselves the happier we’ll be. But in fact – as we are all realizing – inner happiness lies in giving more, not taking more. Giving is indeed receiving. When we give, we increase our sense of connection and feeling of oneness with all people and all things. Indeed, with the essence of all. The transformation of selfishness to selflessness is the transformation of one’s limited self (one’s limited sense of awareness) into the greater Self (infinite awareness). In this process our radius of love gradually increases to encompass the whole universe.
Knowing the truth of the happy life, our volunteer Geddam Anandarao as a part of his service to the society, had identified poor and needy patient Gorle Phalgunarao at Matala Village, Kotturu Mandal, Srikakulam Dist., AP. He undergone heart surgery. His health is not letting him to work. He is in a miserable situation that he and his wife are not able to pay for his medicine. We the LAASA foundation has provided medical assistance to this deserving patient.