Code : A000385
Project : Educational assistance
Volunteer : Suru Venkata Siva Satyannarayana
Need : Poor and deserving student
LAASA’s Solution : Provided educational assistance
Beneficiaries : Pilli Priyanka
Location : Kinamite Village, Srikakulam Dist.
The whole world is comprised of temporary things which includes the living and non-living. Nothing is permanent in this world. No one is permanent in this world. Man is craving for this temporary things throughout his life. But the reality is the love one shows towards the fellow beings is permanent. It exists and spreads even after he dies. One should share the love with fellow beings and should serve with selflessness. This is the ultimate secret behind the life. In search of this reason of life, man grows older and older. Once he is aware of this, he’ll lead a happy and selfless life which leads to liberty.
Being aware of this truth, our volunteer Suru Venkata Siva Satyannarayana has identified a poor and needy student Pilli Priyanka at Kinamite Village, Srikakulam Dist. She is studying IIIT at Nujeveedu. Her father is a daily wage labor and was not able to earn enough to manage for the daughter’s education. We the LAASA has provided educational assistance to this poor and meritorious student.