Code : A000388
Project : Medical Assistance (Medicines and Hospitalization Aid)
Volunteer : Gedala Indira Prasada Rao
Need : Poor and deserving breast cancer patient
LAASA’s Solution : Provided medical assistance
Beneficiaries : Dabbiru Sudharani
Location : Gujaratipeta, Srikakulam Dist.
The word seva is of ancient origin. It does not have an equivalent in English but conveys the sense of service, voluntary or in employment; caring; worship; love and adoration. It also carries a connotation of charity. Thus, to bring together the concept of seva one has to look at the ingredients of all these activities, their underlying motivations and place in the social ethics and belief system. The urge for seva is universal and is not restricted to humans. All the beings are continuously engaged in God’s service and even as all of them belong to that one Creator, none can earn any merit without seva. The motivation for seva therefore is inherent in consciousness, susceptible to being cultivated or suppressed.
With an urge for serving the needy, our volunteer Gedala Indira Prasada Rao has identified a poor and needy patient Dabbiru Sudharani at Gujarathipeta, Srikakulam Dist. She is suffering with breast cancer and recently she met with an accident which lead to a fracture in her backbone. She is in a miserable situation that she is not able to buy medicine for her illness. We the LAASA provided medical assistance to this needy and deserving patient.