Code : A000439
Project : Medical Assistance (Medicines and Hospitalization Aid)
Volunteer : Raghu Sura
Need : Poor and needy patient
LAASA’s Solution : Provided medical assistance
Beneficiaries : Sugandham Brundavati
Location : Venkatapuram, Srikakulam.
Become a Karma Yogi and work for the well-being of the world. You must do universal service in order to attain the state of being one with the universal consciousness.
It is only through selfless activities, unattached work and loving service that one can acquire the precious gem of purity, patience and humility.
While doing selfless service, an insidious feeling of self-approbation may creep in unnoticed. This may later manifest itself in the form of a sort of indulgent attitude and a lofty contempt for those who are not following, a similar life. A constant humility kept alive by a ceaseless exercise of it in service is the sure armor against this foe.
Spiritualize all activities. Feel you are an instrument in the Lord’s hands and that all the Indriyas (senses) belong to Him. Repeat the formula ‘I am Thine; all is Thine; Thy Will be done.’
Feel that the whole world is a manifestation of the Lord and you are serving the Lord in all names and forms. Whatever you do-your actions and the results thereof-consecrate them all to the Lord at the end of each day. Do not identify yourself with actions. Then your heart will be purified and you will be ready to receive the divine light and grace.
With this attitude, our volunteer Raghu Sura has identified a poor and needy woman Sugandham Brundavati at Venkatapuram Village, Laveru Mandal, Srikakulam Dist. She is suffering with diabetes which caused foot ulcers and she also has heart problem. She is in a pathetic condition that she is not able to pay for the medical treatment. We the LAASA provided medical assistance to this needy and deserving patient.