Code : A000477
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Kasturi Santosh Kumar
Beneficiaries : Anapu Appayamma (45)
Location : Day and night Junction, Srikakulam

“Your life should not be a wasteful round of eating, drinking and sleeping; you have the Atma (soul) as your reality and so learn to become aware of that unfailing source of bliss. By properly using your intelligence, you can tap that spring and be supremely blissful. Happiness can be won only by proceeding towards God, not by following the urges of the senses. Think of God, and the gratitude you owe to Him for the human life He has gifted you and the various material, moral and intellectual talents He has endowed you with before you commence any task. You will certainly experience great benefit, and you will have peace, joy and success in your endeavours through Divine Grace…”
LAASA salutes its volunteer Kasturi Santosh Kumar who has explained the meaning and the inner essence of all the vedas by identifying needy people – Anapu Appayamma, resident of Day & Night Junction, Srikakulam Age-45 is a very poor and needy patient of cervical cancer. She earlier had worked as a sweeper in a temple and now as she is undergoing cancer treatment and needs a severe medical support. LAASA has committed to extend hand by providing the necessary Medical Assistance that would help her.
The basic essence of all the Vedas is to serve the needful with purity at heart with unity. As always LAASA is to Love all and Serve All to infinity and beyond.