Code : A000503
Project : Educational assistance
Volunteer : Durgavajjula Surya prasad
Benificiaries : Sai roja Keerthi
Need : a poor girl need education
Location : PN colony , Srikakulam
Title : Education is essential
Education is essential , if man must be inspired by this high ideal of seva as spiritual discipline . Not the acquisition of information or skills , but the sublimation of impulses, emotions and passions , the mastery of the wayward mind . education stear and leads any mind keeping this in view as volunteer D surya Prasad raised his appeal to LAASA for very deserving student.
Sai roja keerthi resident of p n colony, srikakulam studying 10 th class. Her father tumarada sriramamurthy sarma is working as a priest in a little temple and not able to purchase books because of his low financial conditions . as a prime note of the responsibility we LAASA always try and strive hard to support the most deserving student in this case we the lass a provide3d educational assistance and allowed a student to blossom and spread the excellence of fragrence inn their life hence our motto is just only one thing that is