Code : A000519
Project : Livelihood Assistance
Need : A poor woman need livelihood assistance to support their family
Volunteer : Kuppili bala krishna murthy
Benificiaries : Barri Adilakshmi, Mylapalli sudharani
Location : srikurmam, machilesam
Title : uplift
Let love be ever translated into seva, into beneficial acts, sweets of consolation and courage and thoughts of sympathy and compassion .concern towards others is the prime motto of our LAASA because we are into the loving job which cares every one and fills every heart with joy and satisfaction with this very lines proving we LAASA rendered a livelihood assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Kuppili Bala Krishna murthy. Barri Adilakshmi age-25, resident of srikurmam maschilesam she belongs to a fisher man community. Father sick and mother sells fish. She belongs to a very poor and needy family. Mylapalli sudharani age-22, resident of srikurmam maschilesam. She also belongs to a fisher man community father expired and mother is a daily wage labour. She is also very needy and deserving. These two are having stitching knowledge and can earn some money. We the LAASA provided sewing machines to these women where they could earn for their lives.
Rural India rushing into several problematic conditions the prime responsibility of the educated is to stand by the issues and uplift the down trodden with love this is what LAASA doing with the concept of…

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