Code : A000522
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Kinthali Ganapathi rao
Benificiaries : Vysya raju , Goutham raju
Need : A Poor children Need help for Education
location : Relli veedhi , Srikakulam
Title : Mutual Love
Men are born, they die ; in the interval they grow and fade . The sign of growth is the mutual love expressed through Seva or service the rich and the high-placed have many to serve them. You must serve those who have no one to serve them .As a definition of these words our volunteer Mr. kinthali ganapathi rao strict by a poor student and handed over the loving support of LAASA to them.
Vyashya Rajju Goutham Raju Age 5 Years is a Resident Of Ralli Veddi Srikakulam, Father expires, Mother Vyashya Raju sravanthi is a daily wage labour. There are very poor .To this deserving student LAASA provides educational assistance
To LAASA there is only one desire is a cool fire that is to wipe out at least a few tears the first two letters of goal are g & o. We go hence we reach our goal that is

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