Code : A000521
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Koyyana ramarao
Benificiaries : Reesu surayanarayana
Need : A Poor person Need help for medical assistance
location : Arasavilli , Srikakulam
Title : where ever you are, whenever you are
Seva is to be offered , not here only ,or on special occasion but, wherever you are , whenever you realized the need ,to the extent of your capacity and ability .Fell that god has given the chance, the inclination , the ability – that is the crux of spiritual discipline . With this capacity our volunteer mr. koyyana ramarao identified the most deserving paralyzed patient in his locality Reesu suryanarayana age-55 is a resident of valama veedhi , arasavalli, srikakulam district . He belongs to a very poor and needy family who worked as a rickshaw puller. Now he is paralyzed and family members are not in the position provide at least medicine to this most deserving patient. We the LAASA owned this grief and served this needy patient as much as we can.
The sweetest of all things in this world is love. We can experience this practicing and by performing self-less service. Each activity at LAASA is a token of this kind to true the human kindness. Hence we