Code : A000538
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer: Bammidi Kalyani Chakravarthi
Benificiaries : Duvvada Naresh
Need : A poor deserving student need educational assistance
Location : Mandhapuram colony, Tekkali , Srikakulam
Title : practical human service
Through seva , you realize that all beings are waves of the ocean of divinity. No other spiritual discipline can bring you into incessant contemplation of the one-ness of all living beings. The unity can be acquainted only with the common factor of love which is spread all over hand in all. LAASA is witnessed this truth and every deed we performed. LAASA provided educational assistance to a deserving student through our volunteer B Kalyani chakravarthi. Duvvada.Naresh studying 3rd year polytechnic at mandhasa tvr college.he is resident of mandhapuram colony tekkali.he is very poor and deserving.his father is expired and mother is a daily wage labour as a cement pipes worker. We the LAASA feel privileged to help this needy student under our education assistance project.
The care is the first comfort to any individual that care can be experienced only with love share never just read things because knowledge is just the edge of the way practical human service is the marathon from that edge to the other side destiny LAASA encourages people to be in the practical human service that is