Code : A000539
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer: Tejeswararao Pydi
Benificiaries : Neha vijay Shinde
Need : A poor girl need medical assistance
Location : Pune
Title : Ocean of love
Seva is prescribed as one among the nine steps towards realisation. you must therefore be earnest about it and welcome all the chances to serve the disabled & down trodden . WE always strive to keep our doors open for the very poor and needy patients here is such case benefited by LAASA medical assistance project through our volunteer tejeswara rao pydi.

Neha Vijay Shinde Age: 24 Years has been hospitalized in Ruby Clinic, Pune, Maharashtra where she is from a very poor family and her parents are waiting for any helping hands to provide treatment to her daughter. Medical History: We had a discussion with her parents and came to know that water is getting accumulated in lungs and they are manually taking out the water from lungs by connecting pipes at her back. And also, Doctors has identified that there are multiple blocks in Heart and has suggested for a surgery which costs around 4 to 5 Lakhs along with medicines. Her parents are very much worried thinking how they can save their daughter as they are not in a stage of affording the estimated cost for the treatment.we LAASA provided a medical support for the survival.

Sink in the mighty ocean of love we will be in the ecstasy of the joy but remember even in the ocean of love You must swim that is we must do human service with your both hands LAASA speaks all about this only we….