Code : A000544
Project : Basic need Assistance
Volunteer : Putta Venu
Benificiaries : Konidena Sanjeevamma
Need : A poor family need basic needs
Location : Martur prakasam dt
Title : True seva
The service of man is the only means by which you can serve the god. When you serve man, you serve the god. True seva can only come out of a pure and loving heart at LAASA we have such several loving hearts who support this mission in many ways we rendered the basic needs service project with the intense support of all volunteers through our volunteer Mr. putta venu konidena .sanjeevamma has aged 70 years and she is suffering with cancer. She is having one daughter named as sita ravamma aged 55 years. konidena sanjeevamma is in bed and her daughter begs money for their living and also for medical assistance. They don’t have house also. At that time one person called and gives house to them for rs.300. They are living in that house and beg money for basic needs and medical assistances. Their position of living is very critical. LAASA stands as a family member in their critical conditions with what that we could give
Giving is godliness… ‘G’ for generosity ‘I’ for individual care ‘V’ valuable assistance ‘E’ emotional support we repeat only one word in each second give and give and give …….we love all and serve all