Code : A000545
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Aravala Pedda babu
Benificiaries : Chinthalapudi LakshmanaRao
Need : A poor patient need medical support
Location : Vermala street, Arasavilli
Title : fundamental philosophy
Service should be done as a consequence of our realizing the oneness of all mankind. In rendering service they should have no thoughts of getting any service in return. This is the fundamental philosophy of LAASA we observe this in each act we do here is such medical assistance project done through our volunteer Mr. Aravala pedda babu.
Hintalapudi lakshmanarao age-35 is a resident of velamala street, arasavalli village. His both lungs are infected and badly damaged. His wife working as a worker they have two children this patient is in great need of medical support. We LAASA provided medical support to this needy patient the first medicine to any patient is a simple of us a comforting word and a gentle touch we do practice all these through our every deed at LAASA because………we