Code : A000546
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Konapala Geetha
Benificiaries : 40 Children
Need : A poor children’s need basic education support
Location : Srikakulam
Title : Dear reader
Through seva , you realize that all beings are waves of the ocean of Divinity . No other spiritual discipline can bring you into the incessant contemplation of the oneness of all living beings. This is proved by the functioning of LAASA foundation here is such educational assistance project performed through our volunteer k geetha. We have identified 40 children who are studying in different govt schools in and around srikakulam. These children are single or both parentless needy children they are not in a position even to purchase note books. We LAASA provided books and other stationeries to the needy students.
The movement of earth decides the day and night the sun remains constant likewise the love is constant if we turn our life towards it, it will shine bright dear reader,
Remember you have only one life to live and to love don’t miss this single chance experience it fully with your transformation of thought word and deed