Code : A000550
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Pekala Santosh kumar
Benificiaries : Korukonda Dinesh
Need : A poor man in dire need for medical treatment
Location : Srikakulam
Title : Service is worship
Service is worship, each act of service is a flower placed at the feet of the lord. Service is actually arising out of yearning to win the grace of god this is what we do at the aboard of LAASA. We rendered many acts with one single fact the factor is the love with such love rendered as a medical assistance project through our volunteer Mr. R P Santoshkumar. korukonda dinesh age-7, is a resident of krishna park, srikakulam. He has no father his mother is the only care taker of him. He is suffering from kidney and urinary problem no one is there to support him. This deserving patient is in great need of medicine and medical treatment. LAASA provided medical support to this little poor kid
poverty can be eradicated only with one welfare scheme that is give love and serve human this s activity brought the light in the eyes of the kid’s mother LAASA feels privilege and honored buy this because we