Code : A000559
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Rekhna Sugandhalaw
Benificiaries : I.Hemanth
Need : A poor student need educational assistance
Location : Kanugulavani peta village,srikakualm
Title : For the sake of contentment
Progress is not to be measured by the increase in number of volunteers. It is to be judged by the quantity and quality of work done. Our parameter is Love and our measurement is service at LAASA we rendered educational assistance service project through our volunteer through our volunteer Rekhna sungndhlala
I.Hemanth, studying DME Mechanical Polytechnic is a very bright student and he is facing many problems to purchase and to pay college fee. We the LAASA provided educational assistance to this most deserving student.
Only knowledge will not give us contentment this can be acquired with practically of doing things in a right and righteousness way LAASA does everything only for the sake of contentment aiming only one thing that is ….we

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