Code : A000560
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Bhamidi Bharathi
Benificiaries : Challama
Need : A poor & deserving woman need food and nutrition
Location : Amadalavalasa, Srikakulam
Title : Self-less service
It is a call and a challenge, for us, to provide comfort and consolation to those in need, to seek out means and methods to increase the ways in which you can help others and contribute to their joy LAASA has contributed to such joy and relief through its various services here is such food & nutrition assistance service project through our volunteer Bhamidi bhatarhi. challamma age-65 , is a resident of gollapeta village amadalavalasa, srikakulam. She is living along with her 85 year old mother. She is working as a scavenger in a school. For lost 12 months she was not getting even 1000 rupees salary. They are struggling hard with starving. We LAASA provided food to this most deserving women.
there are mainly who are eagerly waiting for our love for our care and for our concern let us have a step towards them and let us wipeout a few tears and let us do a bit of selfless service only to win one award that is the self-satisfaction ….