Code : A000567
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Thangudi Sarada
Benificiaries : madigapu thavudu
Need : A poor man need educational assistance
Location : balarampuram, lingalavalasa
Title : Help as much as you can
Help as much as you can , as efficiently as you can , as silently as you can, as lovingly as you can , leave the rest to god , who gave you the chance to serve, with this concept we LAASA rendered educational assistance eservice project through our volunteer Mrs. Thangudi saradha. M.Thavudu, age-22 is a resident of balarampuram village, lingalavalasa panchayati tekkali mandalam. this needy student joined mSC Harticulture at andhra university visakhapatnam. This boy belongs to a washer man community, mother and father earning a few on their work itself. Now this student has great need of hostel fee. We provided support for his education and allowed his dreams come true with our support.
The fragrances differentiate an natural and an artificial flower. The love differentiates a person with humanity and without humanity we must realize the need and the source of love where it could do wonders and magical things in that experience such many at LAASA