Code : A000569
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Akkireddi Amaranath
Benificiaries : I chandra shekar rao
Need : A poor deserving patient need medical assistance
Location : Bondilipuram , srikakulam AP
Title : Worshipping humanity
God is in every living being. Win the grace by worshipping humanity where love is moving in and through them. Feel his joy to be yours, his sorrow to be yours. This is owning the humanity and we may get this level of understanding just by some sort of spiritual maturity. We this sense we rendered medical assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Akkireddi Amarnath.
I chandra shekar rao, a poor and needy dialysis patient living at Bondilipuram, srikakulam. He is not in a condition to pay for medical. He is in deep need of medicines. We LAASA provided medical support to this most deserving patient.
Here in this case we constantly provided our sources and love to this very needy patient just to propagate one thing to this entire world that the human love is the true medicine where it can cured any patient and comforts any one, we..