Code : A000587
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Katta Venkata Sairam
Beneficiaries : Kancheti Gopichand
Need : A poor deserving student need educational assistance
Location : Nallagarlapadu
Title : Springs of joy
All efforts are now being concentrated on the production of more food, the building of more houses and the manufacture of more cloth. But what is most needy today is a total effort to make man manifest more tolerance, more humility, more brotherliness, more compassion, and deeper awareness of the springs of joy and peace that lie within the heart of each one. LAASA is all about this we rendered an educational assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. katta venksta sairam. Kancheti Gopichand s\o k.Subbarao. he is studying intermediate first year In vasavi junior college. He is good in the educational background. His father is cooli. They don’t have any field-crop. He is very talented person in studies but their family has no income to continue his further studies.we LAASA provided educational project to this deserving student.
A tree gives a shade, a river gives water, air gives life, sun gives heat and light all these elements serve without expectation we the human also must serve the humanity with love without any hope or expectation. we certainly practice at LAASA

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