Code : A000588
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Uriti Durga Shankar Rao
Beneficiaries : Pinninti Ramalaxmi
Need : A poor woman need medical assistance
Location : Arasavalli, srikakulam
Title : Inner being of one self
Service helps you to remove the ego. No one can serve another while his ego is rampant. The attitudes mutual help and selfless service develop the “humanness” of man and help the enfoldment of divinity latent in him. We LAASA believe in this, here rendered such medical assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Uriti Durga Sankar rao. P.Ramalaxmi age-22 is a resident of arasavalli, srikakulam. she belongs to a very poor and needy community. One year back she met with a road accident then she had a surgery to her left leg. Now there is an emergency need to remove the plates which are inside her body. Her father is a sick person. Recently her brother died in an accident. We LAASA provided medical support to this most deserving patient.
The emotion must be satisfied with a selfless thought .the character must shine with a selfless deed if we really focus about our thoughts and deeds it tells about our growth index in the inner senses every act at LAASA wants to please and thrill the inner being hence we

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