Code : A000633
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Nakka Adinarayana
Beneficiaries : Seera Ammanna
Need : A poor family need food & nutrition assistance
Location : Voppangi
Title : Elevate the true humanity
Be like a sea where every wave tries to touch the shore. Be like a little bird which tries every minute to fly with its tender feathers. Be like a true human being to elevate the true humanity through our words and deeds as an exemplary action we LAASA provided food & nutrition assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Naaka Adinarayana. Seera Ammanna age-70 living in voppangi village is a paralysis patient. She has son who is working as a daily wage labor. This particular family is facing lot of difficulty even for food. We LAASA provided food & nutrition to the most deserving woman.
The darken ways can be experienced when the light is possessed through the darken ways. when there is a chance of pain we must think of the relief this is the true nature of mankind, marvelous moments cannot be happen they can be created remember the asserts, the rich dress code the vehicles we use the ornaments we decorate all these are next to the eternality of loving and serving the painful hearts, let us paint their lives with the brush of our life, let us