Code : A000654
Project : Personality Development
Volunteer : DSV BHARDVAJ
Beneficiaries : 400 Children of Z.P.H.School
Need : To enlighten and brighten the students
Location : .Z.P.H.School,Kasibugga, Palasa
Title : Self-Blossoming
There is only one life it is equivalent to the diamond it needs some sharp cuttings for a shine anything which comes from the soil will be a normal stone if we come across some purification process its value increases to the sky’s. Likewise life is to be observed and realized through the essence of true values .maturity and admin ability of life is thoroughly needed to give this essence of philosophy we LAASA foundation renders personality development service project which is conducted by founder of LAASA Dsv Badhardvaj. On the request of prasanth sai spiritual and service trust, LAASA founder Dsv Bharadwaj addressed 400 children of 8th & 9th class children at zilla parishad high school, kasibugga. For the inspirational program of self-blossoming.
Life is a divine journey sometimes we expet more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them personality means process of giving and forgiving for this an inspiring talk and interaction is always need. We don’t just for applauds but for our inner realization and for human excellence for this we conduct self-blossoming

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