Code : A000655
Project : Personality Development
Beneficiaries : 300 students
Need : To enlighten and brighten the students
Location : Prajna Jr.&Deg.College, Kasibugga,Palas
Title : Self-blossoming
At any point of time in life we must realize that what we are and how we are. This can be possible when an inspiration raises our emotions points to the conscious and elevates the inner soul which is called the self-blossoming. Personality is the index of our life it is the reflection of our inner being. Here is a session of that kind which is very inspiring conducted under LAASA personality development service project through our founder volunteer Dsv Bhardvj with his outstanding interactive intellectual introspective provoking talk.
on the request of prasanth sai spiritual and service trust LAASA founder Dsv Bharadwaj addressed 300 students at prajna jr. & deg. college,kasibugga for the inspirational program of self-blossoming.
LAASA intension is that each individual must be an exemplary person possessing the true humanity with an essence of love and service. Facing the challenges paying the respect and harmoning towards parents and others winning the life, winning the person within ourselves, are the prime factors which are orated in this session of self-blossoming

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