Code : A000656
Project : Personality Development
Volunteer : Dsv Bharadwaj
Beneficiaries : 700 Student of Z.P.H.School
Need :To enlighten and brighten the students
Location : Z.P.High School, Pydibhimavaram, Srikakulam
Title : Self-Blossoming
A little flower which blossoms in the shiny morning will ends its life by the evening but it carries the fragrance throughout its very short life time as human we must carry the value of humanity and love throughout life without any hurdle. turns may be many but boat must float on the sea for its existence likewise there may be many changes in our life but we must possess our true inherent and hidden human values such as truth, love, peace and non-violence throughout our life for this we must undergo beautiful sessions of personality development where it distressed our inner behind and guides our thought process and gives energy for more realization we LAASA rendered personality development service project through our founder volunteer DSV Bhardwaj. On the request of volunteer patnala krishna rao, LAASA founder dsv bharadwaj addressed 700 students at, pydibhimavaram, srikakulam.. for the inspirational program of self-blossoming.
School children are needed best guidance and high mature values to lead a wonderful and meaningful life. Here is such effort where we LAASA performed a personality development session under the header of self-blossoming gave an intensified notation on the various subjects of life and its challenge.

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