Code : A000658
Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance
Volunteer : Vedhula Kaliprasad sarma
Beneficiaries : Manepalli. Lakshmi
Need : A poor woman need food & nutrition assistance
Location : Gujarathipeta, Srkakulam
Title: you can do it
Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours; wealth is not to feed our egos, but to feed the hungry and to help people themselves we LAASA rendered food & nutrition assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Vedulla kaliprasad sarma. A poor and needy lady Manepalli. Lakshmi, Age. 40 years, living at Thota Veedhi, Gujarathipeta, Srikakulam. A daily Wage labor and recently her husband died. Now she is living alone and no one is there to take care. We LAASA provide food support to this deserving woman.
Sometimes you have to experience the bad so that you can learn to appreciate the good things that entire your life. There is no better way to thank god for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark. Let us do it we can do it, LAASA hopes that you will do it