CODE :A000815

PROJECT: Medical Assistance

BENEFICARY  NAME : Singarapu Shanta Rao

VOLUNTEER NAME : Singuri Nagabhushan Rao

LOCATION: Parlam Post, Jalumuru, Srikakulam

SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Deserving Patient

Singuri Santhrao Age 29 Years Is A Resident Of Jalumuru, Srikakulam. They Live On Daily Labour Earnings And Shanta Rao Works As A Tractor Driver In The Village. Recently A Poisonous Insect Had Bitten, Local Medical Treatment Had Given Negative Reaction And Patient Went In To Coma. This Family Is Poor And Unable To Pay The Medical Treatment Expenditure. We LAASA Provided Medical  Support To This Most Deserving Patient Under Medical Assistance Service Project. This Activity Is Proposed By LAASA Volunteer Singuri NagabhushanRao.