CODE: A001075

PROJECT : Medical Assistance

BENEFICIARY NAME : Devarasetty Janaki Ramu Kumar

VOLUNTEER NAME : Jami Lakshmana Murthy

LOCATION : Devarasetty Street,Hiramandalam,Srikakulam.

SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Deserving Young Patient

Devarasetty Janaki Ramu Kumar Age 34 Years Is A Resident Of Devarasetty Street, Hiramandalam, Srikakulam. His Spinal Cord Was Badly Injured In A Road Accident . All His Family Financial Resources Were Exhausted . Now He Is Suffering From Post Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury. Now He Is Taking Treatment Robotic Ortho Neuro Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation. Now He Is In Great Need To Meet Her Medical Expenditure. We LAASA provided Medical support to this Deserving Young Patient under LAASA Medical Assistance service project. This activity is proposed by LAASA Volunteer JAMI LAKSHMANAMURTY.

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