CODE: A001084

PROJECT : Medical Assistance


VOLUNTEER NAME : Addakula Babu Rao

LOCATION : Santhamalli,kusimi,seethampeta,srikakulam 

SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Needy Patient

Arika Gopayya Age 63 Years Is A Resident Of Santhamalli,Kusimi,Seethampeta,Srikakulam. This Particular Person Is A Very Poor Person Living In A Tribal Area . Recently He Had Undergone A Urology Related Surgery. Now He Is In Post Operative Medical Care At Home. He Has No Source Even For Medical Treatment. His Son Also Bedrideen As He Met With Road Accident. We LAASA provided Medical Assistance support to this Needy Patient under LAASA Medical Assistance service project. This activity is proposed by LAASA Volunteer ADDAKULA BABU RAO.

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